About his painting

In the palette of colors of his paintings he mixes a happy South American component. In a way this is a dialectic relation (acquired here) with a European harmony of color, with his foundry and links.
Graphic elements form a rhythmic net under a domain of colors effect (very frequently with light tones to clean tones yet very concentrated, and partially juxtaposed) which often gets support as a complementary contrast effect, coming from those sounds. Nonetheless, it groups (different) chromatic harmony aside to the narrative moments and musical notes, rhythms, occasionally rhapsodic quotes, view points and sounds openly found complementing the view cuts. Next to the dancing images, there are color structures crumbling, a dominant point on his paintings one sees vertical and horizontal textures, always open accepting changes and rhythmic manipulations.

Prof. Rolf Lobeck, Kunsthochschule Kassel (Translated by: Juan A. Jaramillo S.)

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